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It’s officially fall. Time to get serious about cool weather musts. Start with a great pair of jeans, a go-to sweater, and kick it up with a –really does go with everything– leopard jacket. Depending on your budget all of these picks are the eye of the tiger. Theory, Alexa Chung, R13, ASOS. –SoS


A great cause

When a difficult health diagnosis is given it is numbing news for the patient and their families. A life-threatening diagnosis for any loved one is hard to bear. When it’s a child it seems all the more difficult. Me Fine’s mission is to cut through the red tape to help provide financial relief for families who have a child being treated for a critical illness at Duke and UNC Hospitals. Through quick and efficient financial assistance, families can breathe a sigh of relief that mounting bills and expenses are one less thing to worry about. Any donation, large or small, directly helps a family in need. Donate here to empower a family fighting for the life of their child; and purchase tickets to Saturday’s Me Fine Gala 2017 here.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” -Nelson Mandela

Check out the interview below with Me Fine’s, Development Coordinator, Jessica Martin. Learn more about the foundation, their important work, how to get involved and how you can directly help families in need. SoS

Fashion for Good. @sanctionofstyle

A style icon you would channel for the night?

JM: …someone timeless, Audrey Hepburn.

Dress or edgy pantsuit?

JM: I like a classic LBD.

Simple or over-the-top?


Your favorite accessory?

JM: Earrings.

What’s in your minaudière?

JM: Breath mints, lipstick and cash.

Favorite cocktail?

JM: Dirty Martini (with blue cheese stuffed olives.)

I will get out on the dance floor if the DJ plays this song.

JM: A little Lynard Skynyrd. Sweet Home Alabama.

You close your foundation speech with this quote:

JM: “A child can teach an adult 3 things: To be happy for no reason, to always be curious, to fight tirelessly for something” – Paulo Coelho

What does the Me Fine Foundation mean to you?

JM: The Me Fine Foundation, to me, is service. It’s an opportunity to reach across social, economical, racial, religious lines…extend a hand and offer hope. It’s a chance to meet people where they are, in their most vulnerable place. Me Fine offers a opportunity to provide hope during the storm of life, and a reminder to our families that they are not alone.

How important is funding from the public?

JM: In a recovering economy, sometimes the most well-prepared family finds itself living from paycheck to paycheck. When you consider that the costs of longterm care for a child battling critical illness can often top $10,000/week, the financial strain becomes even more apparent. Regularly, the diagnosis of a child with one of these life-threatening diseases ruins a family financially, in addition to the emotional stress and unthinkable mental hardship that they must bear. Me Fine provides critical assistance to these families when the financial burden becomes too cumbersome. Public funding is critical to continuing the mission of Me Fine. Without this support from people in our communities, Me Fine would not be able to provide the financial assistance to families that are facing hardship due to a critically ill child. Often times, the needs that Me Fine meets for the families are small monetary amounts, but huge in emotional support. We provide hope that they will make it through this hard time and we remind them that they are not alone.

What’s that little shop on Hwy. 70 East?

JM: Part of Me Fine’s business model involves self-sustainability by way of the Second Hope Shop. The Shop serves three purposes: Serve as a retail outlet for local residents to purchase like new or gently used items at below-market prices, provide a resource for Me Fine families to get housewares, furniture, clothing or other items needed as their child faces treatment and generate revenue to help offset the Foundation’s operating and administrative costs. Our store features name brand clothing for the whole family, household items, linens, seasonal plants, holiday decorations and much, much more! Inventory changes daily. Any item donated to the Second Hope Shop will in some way, help provide for a Me Fine family. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows.



While “the city that never sleeps” has been in full swing fashion week mode; spreading inspiration for what to wear this spring. The rest of us are currently shopping for what to wear this fall. Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere there is no way you could have missed all of the check/herringbone/tweed jackets popping up in slightly oversized proportions. Shop them here; these picks are priced low to high. Perfect transition wear as the air gets crisp; and roomy enough to layer a killer, chunky sweater when it’s freezing. ASOS, AchroFree PeopleIsabel Marant Étoile, Maje, Rachel ComeyTibi, R13, Tomas Maier. –SoS

Isabel Marant Étoile Irox Oversized Tweed Jacket


sunday style specimen

A.W.A.K.E.’s Octopus’ Favourite wool midi skirt is pure perfection. My affinity for this perfect closet specimen is hard to put in to words. The construction, color, fit and attention to detail is right on. And $400 is a steal for a piece you’ll turn to for countless wardrobe “What Should I Wear?” applications including office, worship, luncheons, showers and beyond. Point is, you’ll have it forever. A, particularly, perfect pick for capsule wardrobes. Buy it now. –SoS


new attitude

A new hat purchase is much like the buy of a new tube of pretty lipstick. It’s an accessory that provides an instant feel good, pick me up. I have talked with many women who say they just don’t feel stylistically comfortable in a hat. It’s all about confidence. Take a deep breath and go for it. There is still time to squeeze in and wear versions constructed of straw, like these beauties from Janessa Leone and House of Lafayette. For cooler months ahead go for heavier, substantial styles crafted in wool, felt and fur. Maison MichelLola Hats, Albertus Swanepoel, Saint Laurent, Yosuzi, Maison Michel, Janessa Leone, Lanvin. Don’t be hesitant to try an unexpected color or new-to-you shape. Lola Hats, Jennifer Ouellette, BrixtonIsabel Marant. This season, elevate your attitude and personal style with a new hat. –SoS


coin it

Have you noticed all of the pretty gold medallion necklaces popping up on the style scene? They remind me of a similar piece my grandmother wore daily when I was a little girl. Simple and timeless. I appreciate classic minimalistic when it comes to jewelry; but don’t hesitate to layer up if you don’t subscribe to the less is more philosophy. Wear yours with a t-shirt and jeans and just as easily all dressed up. Raid your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box first. If you don’t discover a piece you love, shop these picks. Pascale MonvoisinOrit Elhanati, Dubini, Brooke Gregson, Jennifer Meyer, Alighieri, Dominique Cohen, BareCloverpost, AlonaJacquie Aiche. –SoS


Made(well) in heaven

Is your wardrobe screaming for an outerwear update? Here are six really great and reasonably priced jackets from Madewell. Leather, denim and one very cool off-duty fleece. Duster Coat: Garment-dyed edition, the oversized jean jacket (love the embroidered edition too)Penfield colorblock Mattawa fleece jacket, leather aviator bomber jacket, and the ultimate leather jacket. Cooler temps are calling. –SoS


space travel

Monday, August 21, 2017 marks the event many of us, in the US, have been anticipating all summer; the moment the moon’s path completely covers the sun creating a total solar eclipse. The event got me thinking about space and travel. While the reality of space travel, for most of us, seems like a shot in the dark; I believe in my daughter’s lifetime trips to Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and beyond will be a reality. What would you wear if you had the opportunity to visit outer space? These are my picks for a weekend jaunt to the moon. Day: Nili Lotan, Acne StudioVetements, Nike, See By ChloéNight: Saint Laurent, Marni. P.S. They’re all total badass earthly picks too. –SoS

NASA vintage-style space travel posters. Buy here.


micro floral

I stumbled upon the image below on Pinterest; and had to do a little digging to find out who made this long sleeve, delicate, micro floral frock. I love it for its covered up, simple, less is more aesthetic. Wear it now with sandals; wear it this fall and winter over your favorite jeans and with tights and boots too. Buy it here. –SoS

Mie Juel, Style Director at Elle Denmark. Image courtesy of @mie_juel Instagram.