simple summer skin and hair

The secret to glowing summer skin? Simplicity and less is more. My beauty regimen has taken the backseat for more years than I care to admit. The results are deeper, more prominent facial lines, age spots, and dry, uneven skin tone and texture. Before baby, when time was a luxury, my nightly skin care ritual was a 15 to 20 minute ordeal. Today, I’m lucky if I have the energy to brush my teeth before crawling into bed. A early summer facial (I cannot remember my last) and micro dermabrasion appointment have helped get me back on a track to better skin care. Oh, and these three products. NeoStrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash (for gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating + cleansing), Avène Skin Recovery Cream (for soothing, decadent AM/PM moisture), EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 (a creamy, non-greasy, daily must for anti-aging). The results, for me, have been softer, hydrated, dewy, less irritated skin with improved tone and texture. My daughter and I also love sharing Heritage Store Rosewater Spray and Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen Stick. The ticket to easy, healthy summer hair? Skip the dryer and apply Marrakesh KaHm Daily Smoothing Treatment. A top shelf, must-have beauty product. Smell the experience…-SoS


see (and feel) the difference

Sanction of Style isn’t a beauty blog. But we know when a product works and actually does what it claims to do. And we love sharing stuff we think is worthwhile. A shopping trip to TJ Maxx yielded all sorts of fantastic finds; but a small, glass bottle of serum may be the finest discovery of all. We paid $12.99 (a steal) and trust that the regular retail price of $48 is worth. every. penny. Ole Henriksen’s african red tea see the difference serum is a fresh, silky, milky, natural, anti-aging wonder in a bottle. Get it here. Your skin will drink the serum resulting in a glowing complexion that you can see and feel. Bonus: the scent of fresh squeezed citrus is invigorating. *The reviews for the complementing foaming cleanser speak for themselves. We’ve added the wash to our must-have list. Yay Ole!



cherry blossoms

This weather does wonders. We’ve missed the warm air and sun. Makes us want to slather all of Mother Earth’s gifts of goodness all over. Well, you can (sort of). Try Rituals Shanti Chakra or Happy Mist, Mauli Rituals ‘Sacred Union’Tamahada Handcreme, Sanne Kaufmann Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath, This Works Energy Bank Bath Oil, Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant, Sachajuan Ginger Flower Body Wash, Byredo Flowerhead Body Lotion, Aromatherapy Associates Natural Exfoliating Grains, Reverence De Bastien Silky Foot Talcum PowderBamford Soap Set, Lano Lanolips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm – The Original, Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil. Happy Easter weekend bunnies! –SoS



sunday beauty

We’ve had loads of wintertime fun with our kiddos thanks to winter storm Jonas. But we gotta be honest; cabin fever is setting in and we are kinda ready for a break. The cold temps and brutal wind from all the outdoor fun have taken a toll; especially on our skin. How wonderful do these winter skincare beauty products look? Care for super sensitive dry skin with de Mamiel winter facial oil, Sisley-Paris, Amanda Lacey. Can’t wait to try Amore Pacific Sun Protection Mist, Beauty Protector. Cuticles taking a beating and looking like shit? Try Karma Organic Almond Cuticle Oil (non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, 7 free). Try One Love Organics Skin Savior, this for a dose of Vitamin D, organic chia packs omega-3, antioxidant, and plant based probiotics in Oh Mega, and don’t forget your lips Chantecaille Lip Potion. From Slip…choose king or queen. Invest in a good sleep mask if you don’t own one. A quality sleep mask is tough to beat for those hard-to-get-to-sleep nights or migraines. Take care mamas. –SoS



safe, customized, tampons delivered

As one of our kiddos likes to call them…”tanipons”; we’re kicking off the new year with a better way to think about, look at, and buy your feminine hygiene products. Lola delivers 100% cotton tampons to your door. Founders, Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman are dedicated to giving women a choice by providing a safe, convenient and truthful alternative to drug store variety tampons. What’s the difference? Cotton vs. Rayon. Rayon is synthetic; it’s cheaper than cotton (big box companies who could care less about our vaginas and more about their bottom line) As demand for additional choices grows, it sounds like Jordana and Alexandra are working on even more customizable options like applicator free and cardboard applicators too. Lola brings much needed change to a centuries old personal hygiene product. Making us think more intelligently about what we’re putting into our bodies. And, well, while we never really quite understood what was sooo embarrassing about an emergency run to the corner store for a box…Lola’s gotcha covered. No chemicals, no synthetics, no dyes. Mix-up your box 0f 18 with light, regular or super absorbency. Get your first 2-box order for only $9 here. And while you probably feel emotionally out-of-control when you’re on the rag; with Lola, you’re always in control. Adjust, pause or cancel your subscription anytime. Bloody fucking praise for women who continue to demand safer and better personal care products. Knowledge Is Power. –SoS


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boy brow

Watch Glossier’s quick and simple how-to video for perfect, full brows. Shop Boy Brow, along with other newly added favorites this week, on our Shop Our Favorites page. We love the way‘s products work and feel…leaving you feeling like, well, YOU! Not an icky, covered-up, fakeish version that leaves you feeling like you’re not yourself. –SoS

Meet Boy Brow. It’s a do-it-all pomade that thickens, fills in, and grooms brows into place.


Ballet Beautiful

Maybe you’ve heard of the box office thriller Black Swan? We’re thrilled to share our exclusive interview with professional ballerina, celebrity fitness guru and Ballet Beautiful founder Mary Helen Bowers. Mary Helen was Natalie Portman’s personal trainer for the 2010 thriller. If you’ll recall, Portman won the Oscar for Best Actress for her mind blowing performance in the 2010 film. Ballet Beautiful brings ballet inspired training and fitness to women and men via Ballet Beautiful Custom Workouts, online classes and bestselling DVDs. BB has been featured in publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Elle, WWD, The Wall Street Journal Style Magazine, Shape, Women’s Health, and Self. Mary Helen’s professional journey of hard work and dedication are inspiring to say the least. From training at Manhattan’s prestigious School of American Ballet, to being invited to join the New York City Ballet at the age of just 16. It goes to show this kind of talent, dedication and determination have its rewards. Grace, beauty, and strength are the core of the Ballet Beautiful method. “Ballet Beautiful mixes the athleticism and grace of classical ballet with targeted exercises and stretches that sculpt a dancer’s toned, lean physique.” Read the full interview below and learn more about the force behind what A-list celebrities, supermodels, Victoria’s Secret Angels and woman all over the globe are raving about. Shop Ballet Beautiful on Net-A-Porter and –SoS 

“I believe every woman has the ability to transform her body.” – Mary Helen Bowers

balletbeautiful_maryhelenMary Helen Bowers ~ Professional Ballerina, Founder of Ballet Beautiful. Image Courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

SoS: Describe the Ballet Beautiful technique? What makes it unique?

MHB: Ballet Beautiful is a workout inspired by ballet. Each exercise, movement and stretch is designed to strengthen and lengthen the body, sculpting a powerful and elegant physique.

SoS: How do you balance being a new mom and running a successful business?

MHB: Balancing work and motherhood is a challenge for so many! Time suddenly becomes so precious and more valuable than ever. I don’t think anyone ever achieves the perfect balance between these two because it’s difficult to be pulled in two very disparate directions.

I work hard to be as efficient as possible when I am in the office so that when I’m home I can put down my phone and relax! Building a positive, like-minded team around me to maximize every moment and opportunity at work is definitely key. The same is true in your home life. A working mom needs a lot of help!

SoS: What are you most excited about as far as the ballet trend that’s happening now in the fashion industry?

MHB: I love seeing ballet come into main-stream fashion! As a dancer, ballet has always had a huge influence on my wardrobe. Creating beautiful pieces that work for a workout and street wear is endlessly inspiring to me! I spent years searching for the perfect ballet street shoe for example. Now it’s so much fun to know that the shoes I am wearing of my own design, handmade in Italy by third generation artisans.

SoS: We know we’re not the only ones who became a little obsessed with Natalie Portman’s body in Black Swan. What was it like to train her for the film?

MHB: Working with Natalie for Black Swan was an incredible experience. She is hard working, generous and kind. It’s inspiring to spend your days with someone dedicated enough to their art (in Natalie’s case, acting) to spend 5+ hours a day training to prepare for a role!

SoS: Secret Obsession?

MHB: I adore an afternoon tea service!

SoS: Beauty Secret?

MHB: Water, great skin care and sleep! Plus lots of Ballet Beautiful, of course!

SoS: Favorite product that you use, love and would recommend to new moms?

MHB: With newborns you don’t need much at all! I do love glass baby bottles for heating milk or breastmilk. We use Aventi’s and they have worked so well. Now that Lumina is bigger, keeping a couple of Dr Seuss books in the diaper bag is my secret weapon for dinners out or long flights!

SoS: Mornings seem to be especially hectic for working moms. Sum up your morning routine…

MHB: I shower and wash my hair at night to save time. In the mornings I sometimes make a healthy lunch for myself while preparing Lumina’s breakfast. From there anything related to me getting ready has to happen as quickly as possible. There isn’t time to fuss over much makeup or the perfect outfit. It’s grab and go!

SoS: Do you have a daily uniform? Please tell us it includes leg warmers and ballet slippers

MHB: Always! I live in my leotard and tights. In the cooler months I layer with legwarmers and high boots and toss a dress on top. When it’s nice out I’m always in my Ballet Beautiful street shoes. I haven’t found anything more comfortable or chic!

SoS: Favorite go-to item in your closet?

MHB: Our sweetheart neck mesh leotard is available in many different colors and looks just as great with a full skirt or jeans as it does for a Ballet Beautiful session!

SoS: What do you miss most about living in North Carolina? What do you love most about living in NYC?

MHB: The pace of everything in the south is a little slower. And no one can beat my mom’s biscuits and country ham!

NYC is so fast paced and vibrant. I love living and working in one of the worlds most influential homes for the arts.

SoS: Mantra?


SH: What results can women expect from your online custom workout? What gear, if any, is needed?

MHB: Our Custom Workout has transformed so many bodies and lives! It’s been incredible to see the results from our members all over the world. The workouts are targeted and designed to help people achieve a world class workout from the comfort and privacy of home.

The best part is that no dance experience or equipment is needed. Of course, our ballet slippers will make you really feel the part but all you needed to get started is wifi, a towel or mat, and a nearby waterbottle!

SoS: Favorite Ballet Beautiful training tip?

MHB: Remember that ballet is all about the extension of the body through space. Listen for my cues on how to lengthen and extend through the arms and legs!

SoS: One thing people might be surprised to know about you?

MHB: I can’t live without chocolate and cheese! Dieting is not the way to go!

mary-helen-bower-ballet-beautiful-1Image Courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

“Lily Aldridge specifically credits these workouts for getting her body back after her first child.”

“It’s just very effective for me. Ballet Beautiful has just transformed my body. I can’t speak highly enough of Mary Helen Bowers.” – Lily Aldridge

“I’m not a ballerina but I enjoy working out like one. Ballet Beautiful makes me feel beautiful, confident and strong.” – Maggie Gyllenhaal

“Mary Helen’s technique…allows anyone to achieve the long, toned physique of a dancer.” – Natalie Portman

“I adore Mary Helen Bowers: she knows how to make ordinary women look like ballerinas. Mary Helen’s intelligence, attention to detail and extensive training as a ballerina has made her a wealth of knowledge. With her simple streamlined technique she can make incredible changes. She’s the real deal.” – Zooey Deschanel

“Mary Helen is wonderful! We train together using her Ballet Beautiful program doing leg work, butt lifts, and stretches. I love working out with her.” – Liv Tyler

“Mary Helen Bowers radiates an effortless beauty and grace that extends to her clients…[and] creates a feminine, lean, long body that is gorgeously strong.” – Jamie King

“You need your fingertips to your toes to be a good model, and that’s what Ballet Beautiful does. It really gets you connected mentally to your whole body.” – Erin Heatherton


travel beauty basics

This is your list of travel beauty essentials. Basics for keeping your skin and hair looking its best while away from home. Of course, a great place to stash all your goods adds to the fun; we like this collapsible white leather version from ValextraDavines Momo Shampoo, Davines Momo Hair Potion (leave-in), Mila Moursi Cleansing FoamEve Lom Mlin Cloths, Eve Lom Daily Protection SPF 50, Aēsop Avail Body Lotion SPF 50Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, Malin+Goetz Rum Body WashThe Organic Pharmacy Lip + Eye Cream (Barneys exclusive)Clé de Peau Beauté Makeup Remover SheetsLe Labo Ambrette 9 Solid Perfume (Barneys exclusive) or Diptyque Eau Moheli. All from exquisite Barneys New York who offers complimentary shipping and returns on all US orders. This little travel set is sure to come in handy too. Because nothing beats getting your beauty sleep. –SoS

Complimentary gift with purchase, *while supplies last from: Malin+Goetz, Mila Moursi ($200 min. order), Clé de Peau Beauté.


FRANCE. Saint Tropez. 1978.FRANCE. Saint Tropez. 1978. © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos 


Brezza di Mare

On a recent vacation to the shore we popped in one of our favorites. Calypso Cottage is a quaint, wonderfully curated shop where you’ll always discover something new. There’s a sea of one-of-a-kind pieces for the home, amazing textiles for you (or your table), jewelry, accessories, mic, books, beyond. It is always a pleasure sipping rosé and talking shop with owner, Stacie Meislohn. Stacie owned her first shop at the tender age of nineteen and has designed and worked for high-fashion houses including Courreges, Yves Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. She knows what she is doing. Her time spent growing up as an island child in the Bahamas is evident and is translated to a T throughout each room of her shop. We picked up a bottle of Brezza di Mare on this trip (Barneys is completely sold out but Stacie still has a few.) With just a spritz you too can keep that feeling of being close to the sea. Don’t be surprised if you spot her fully remodeled, vintage Airstream around town in the coming months. Talk about a truly unique Pop-Up Shop experience………….tally-ho! –SoS




braid it beautiful

What was once a nerdy and convenient solution to taming ones hair. The braid has evolved through the years to have quite the alluring aesthetic; especially the long, tousled, parted to the side variety. Get your braid on. Step 1: Part your hair low on one side and blow dry haphazardly in random sections; focus on lift at the roots (also works well with 1-2 day dirty/bed head hair) sweep hair over to one side using your fingers as the ultimate tool. Step 2: From the front and low to one side start your braid using the traditional three strand method. Keep it loose for a messy, undone effect. Try Sachajuan Ocean Mist on freshly washed hair and finish with Rahua Volumino Hair Spray to naturally hold the style. Happy Friday. –SoS

braid_1-stylehawk braid_2-stylehawkbraid_7-stylehawk braid_4-stylehawk sidebraid-stylehawk braid_5-stylehawk