A great cause

When a difficult health diagnosis is given it is numbing news for the patient and their families. A life-threatening diagnosis for any loved one is hard to bear. When it’s a child it seems all the more difficult. Me Fine’s mission is to cut through the red tape to help provide financial relief for families who have a child being treated for a critical illness at Duke and UNC Hospitals. Through quick and efficient financial assistance, families can breathe a sigh of relief that mounting bills and expenses are one less thing to worry about. Any donation, large or small, directly helps a family in need. Donate here to empower a family fighting for the life of their child; and purchase tickets to Saturday’s Me Fine Gala 2017 here.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” -Nelson Mandela

Check out the interview below with Me Fine’s, Development Coordinator, Jessica Martin. Learn more about the foundation, their important work, how to get involved and how you can directly help families in need. SoS

Fashion for Good. @sanctionofstyle

A style icon you would channel for the night?

JM: …someone timeless, Audrey Hepburn.

Dress or edgy pantsuit?

JM: I like a classic LBD.

Simple or over-the-top?


Your favorite accessory?

JM: Earrings.

What’s in your minaudière?

JM: Breath mints, lipstick and cash.

Favorite cocktail?

JM: Dirty Martini (with blue cheese stuffed olives.)

I will get out on the dance floor if the DJ plays this song.

JM: A little Lynard Skynyrd. Sweet Home Alabama.

You close your foundation speech with this quote:

JM: “A child can teach an adult 3 things: To be happy for no reason, to always be curious, to fight tirelessly for something” – Paulo Coelho

What does the Me Fine Foundation mean to you?

JM: The Me Fine Foundation, to me, is service. It’s an opportunity to reach across social, economical, racial, religious lines…extend a hand and offer hope. It’s a chance to meet people where they are, in their most vulnerable place. Me Fine offers a opportunity to provide hope during the storm of life, and a reminder to our families that they are not alone.

How important is funding from the public?

JM: In a recovering economy, sometimes the most well-prepared family finds itself living from paycheck to paycheck. When you consider that the costs of longterm care for a child battling critical illness can often top $10,000/week, the financial strain becomes even more apparent. Regularly, the diagnosis of a child with one of these life-threatening diseases ruins a family financially, in addition to the emotional stress and unthinkable mental hardship that they must bear. Me Fine provides critical assistance to these families when the financial burden becomes too cumbersome. Public funding is critical to continuing the mission of Me Fine. Without this support from people in our communities, Me Fine would not be able to provide the financial assistance to families that are facing hardship due to a critically ill child. Often times, the needs that Me Fine meets for the families are small monetary amounts, but huge in emotional support. We provide hope that they will make it through this hard time and we remind them that they are not alone.

What’s that little shop on Hwy. 70 East?

JM: Part of Me Fine’s business model involves self-sustainability by way of the Second Hope Shop. The Shop serves three purposes: Serve as a retail outlet for local residents to purchase like new or gently used items at below-market prices, provide a resource for Me Fine families to get housewares, furniture, clothing or other items needed as their child faces treatment and generate revenue to help offset the Foundation’s operating and administrative costs. Our store features name brand clothing for the whole family, household items, linens, seasonal plants, holiday decorations and much, much more! Inventory changes daily. Any item donated to the Second Hope Shop will in some way, help provide for a Me Fine family. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows.


Sofia Sanchez de Betak’s Chufy.World

Been flying by the seat of my pants the last few weeks. Glad to sit for just a while this afternoon and share these beautiful pieces from Chufy. Summer solstice/beyond approved. Argentinian Flag-embroidered skirt, Norte pleated linen midi skirt, X Aux Charpentiers tapered-leg linen trousers, X Juan Hernandez Daels butterfly shirt, and for fall/winter this incredible X Awanay Ruana bird-embroidered wool wrap. It’s an always and forever, heirloom-worthy, piece. As are these classic zip-front leather riding boots. Love books? Need a gift for your fashion-forward friend who has it all? Add Travels with Chufy to her carefully curated bookshelf. Sofia Sanchez de Betak’s book invites readers to off-the-radar hideaways and secluded retreats. I know. Sounds dreamy right? –SoS

Photography: Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici for W Magazine. @chufy


best accessory from Rio 2016

Rio 2016 has provided top quality AM to PM television over the last eleven days. Are you watching? What can the games teach ? How can they be tied to fashion and style? Well, of course, there is the obvio. Gisele on the world stage during opening ceremony; making magic in the long dress with golden sequins designed by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. Then there are the athletes uniforms. On the track, on the mat, in the pool. Athletes putting their individual style spin accessorizing with personal jewels, wild hair colors, temporary and permanent tattoos, sneakers, headphones, and more. So what’s the biggest takeaway accessory from Rio? It has to be a smile. Pure joy. Pure happiness. Pure pride. The gracio, humble, genuine smiles of hard work and dedication paying off. A fantastic reminder that a smile is always your best accessory. Go Team USA. Red, White and Blue forever.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 13: on the Citi Terrace of the USA Hoe at Colegio Sao Paulo on Augt 5, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)Rio2016-08-15T145418Z_01_OLYN3032_RTRIDSP_3_OLYMPICS-RIO-ATHLETICS-W-STEEPLECHASE

riokatie RioSimone and aly Rio_Olympics_Beach_Volleyball_Women.JPEG-b088e_c0-158-3648-2284_s885x516 rio16franklin rio16phelps rioquigley



Andy Schmidt: Designer + Dyer

Sometimes it’s a person’s magnetic personality or their inspiring story that makes what they are creating that much more meaningful to the customer. Case in point for Andy Schmidt. Immediately you fall in love with Andy’s welcoming, warm, kind, spirit. Her designs under her textile and clothing label Rise & Ramble seem to inhale and exhale this same magic too. Each impeccably made design is made extraordinary by the process of natural, artisanal dyeing. Each piece is a beautiful, comfortable, wearable piece of art for everyday. Be sure to check out Andy’s evolving line of tops, tunics and dresses. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them through all four seasons. You’re bound to turn a head or two, and spark up a conversation when wearing one of her pieces. Andy’s love of life comes through in every one of her thoughtful designs. Check out the interview below. Fun fact: turns out we both studied studio art and fashion design at the same all-girls college, missing one another by a decade or so. Would definitely say it was in the cards for our paths to cross. Follow Rise & Ramble’s inspiring Instagram feed. Bonus: you’ll be in the know when new, one-of-a-kind, designs are available to purchase.

Rise&Ramble_AndyImage: Anna Carson DeWitt Photography


SoS: Quote/Mantra You Would Like To “Steal” As Your Own?

RR: “A wink and a smile and the land is ours.” I’m not even exactly sure where that came from precisely. I believe I saw it in an editorial piece with Natalia Vodianova. I’ve had and still do have a major girl crush on her. And then I saw that quote and thought that’s perfect. To me it means be kind, be positive, and the world is yours. And I’ve always been a charmer and people pleaser so that could have something to do with it too.

SoS: What Inspires You?

RR: Nature. Family, I have the most supportive family and for that I’m grateful. Sleep, I’m useless without it. COLOR. Positivity. Vacations and traveling. The last inspiring vacation I took was Marfa, TX. I dream of going back all the time.

SoS: Rise & Ramble In 5 Words Or Less.

RR: Thoughtful. Effortless. Intimate. Natural. Seasonless. OR “Born to Dye” haha.

SoS: Describe A Typical Dye Session.

RR: A typical dye session can take a few days. I usually spend a couple days just sewing, and then treat myself to a couple days of dyeing. If I have to mordant the fabric I try to do that as soon as I’m done sewing because I usually let it rest in the mordant bath at least for an overnight. If I’m using dyestuff I foraged myself I will gather it all in a pot with water and simmer for an hour or so and then let rest overnight or a few nights. Once I strain it, it’s time to dye. Depending on the desired color and the dye I’m working with determines how long it sits in the bath or how many dips it gets. I use a lot of different methods for my work depending on the look I’m trying to achieve. Some I find more fun than others. My favorite part throughout them all is finally seeing the results though. Sometimes it’s the accidents that make the most beautiful things. Wabi Sabi stands for beauty in imperfection. Another mantra.

SoS: What Flower, Plant, Fruit Or Vegetable Produces Your Favorite Color?

RR: There’s so many, that is a hard one. I’ve always been in awe of avocados. Not only because I love eating them, but then I get to use the skins and seeds to make the most beautiful soft pink color. It blows everyones mind. And mine every time.

SoS: Are You Currently Working With A Favorite Fabric? What Makes It Special?

RR: Raw silk. I’m in love with it. It takes color amazing like a silk, but feels more like a cotton. It is super soft with this nubby texture. It sews well and gets softer with every wash and dry. It even rips on the grain which is the most satisfying thing to me. Raw silk even has its own smell. I know, it’s weird. It also has the most beautiful drape. Not one bad thing to say about it.

SoS: Designers You Admire?

RR: Rodarte. If you haven’t read their interview on how they started, go do it now. It’s pretty awesome. I love their styling, colors, even the inspiration behind every collection. To me, it’s whimsical, but still wearable. Like a dream. I really love Ace & Jig right now. Their layering and pattern mixing is on point. One of everything please. Ryan Roche has been killing it lately too. She’s also a fan of that avocado pink. I love designers that are romantic even though that might not be my personal style. I think I just simply fall in love. I’m a fan of almost everything Chloe and Valentino do.

SoS: Do You Have A Pet Peeve?

RR: I really, really don’t like the sound of styrofoam. It makes me cringe. I also love peaceful mornings, so anything that interrupts that.

SoS: Favorite Book Of All Time? And Reading Now?

RR: All time, that’s a hard one. A favorite is Jitterbug Perfume. Just Kids has a special place in my heart. I have a problem where I don’t finish books I love. Like I don’t want them to end. I never finished Just Kids, I didn’t want to be heartbroken. I still reread it and stop at the same place. I love Glass Heroes. I’m also a fan of the Harry Potter series. I like books that make you feel something. Or take you to a different place. Right now, I’m reading Still Life with Woodpecker, another one by Tom Robbins.

SoS: Music That Feeds Your Soul…Whatcha Listening To?

RR: A little bit of everything. My top Pandora stations are Eagles and Rihanna. I usually listen to old Country or Motown in the AM. I love Outlaw Country, ya know Willie, Waylon, and the boys. Pop usually keeps me going through the day. At night it’s the 70s, think Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks. I’m a Sturgill Simpson fan and Solange. I’m all over the map.

SoS: What Does ‘Slow Fashion’ Mean To You? Why Is It Important?

RR: To me slow fashion is buying fewer pieces that are made well, that you connect with, and that you will love forever. They become a part of you. I like things with a story. I love supporting independent artists and designers because I know their struggle and the courage it takes to put yourself out there and try to be successful at something you are passionate about. Slow fashion is not buying into cheaply made, throw away pieces, but supporting a sustainable and ethical movement. It’s about being aware of your surroundings and what is happening in our world, slowing down, knowing how and by whom something was made.

SoS: All Of Your Designs Are So Beautiful And Unique In Their Own Way. Is It Hard To Let Go Of Certain Pieces?

RR: Thank you! It is hard. But I’ve found that parting with them makes me create more and move forward. I read something once that said don’t hold on to your ideas, share them. Letting them go forces you to be open to new ideas.

SoS: In My Downtime, I Enjoy…

RR: Spending time with my family. Going to the beach or the mountains, we’ve got the best of both worlds here in NC. Farmers Market trips and flea/vintage shopping. Sitting outside listening to the birds, or frogs. Living that country life.

SoS: What Would You Say About A Collaboration?

RR: I love collaborations! My most recent was with Created Beautifully. Jenn and her husband make gorgeous, well made accessories and jewelry out of Charlotte, NC. I dyed the cotton and she turned the yardage into the most amazing handbags. It was magic!

SoS: Surprised To Know…

RR: My mom loved sci-fi books. My middle name Leah was inspired by Star Wars’ Princess Leia. I didn’t watch any of the Star Wars movies until I was 22.


Rise&Ramble_2 Rise&Ramble_1Rise&Ramble_13 Rise&Ramble_4 Rise&Ramble_5 Rise&Ramble_8 Rise&Ramble_7 Rise&Ramble.12 Rise&Ramble_11Rise&Ramble_14 Rise&Ramble_15Rise&Ramble_10BundleDyeing (1)Images: Rise & Ramble


a color story: blush

A Color Story. Dreaming in blush. Cannot seem to get enough of this soft, feminine, pretty color. A hard worker all year long; works well with denim, burgundy, black, white, grey, cream, tone-on-tone, you get the picture. T by Alexander Wang, Velvet, Ryan RocheLove Sam, Intropia, LOVESHACKFANCY Bella TopLOVESHACKFANCY Ruffle Miniskirt, Ulla Johnson, Acne Studios (PRE-ORDER), Sol Sana Foster SandalMadewell (Sale), Madewell (Sale).

 “And she was fair as the rose in May” -Geoffrey Chaucer



small gestures can make a big impact

We searched and searched for fashion shopping sites offering discounts (with percentages of sales going toward efforts to help victims of the Brussels terrorist attacks) to share on the blog today. We didn’t have much luck. As a small gesture we would like to offer 20% off any Shop Exclusives purchases on our website today through Friday. We will donate 20% of all sales to The Belguim Red Cross. Don’t feel like shopping and want to help? You can make a personal donation here: The Belgium Red Cross or GoFundMe. Pray For The World. –SoS

Brsels Red Cross

Brsels Red Cross


Huffington Post. Image: Carl Court/Getty Images

The Huffington Post. Image: Carl Court/Getty Images


On the pulse

For an upcoming job assignment we’ve been foced on what’s on the fashion pulse for S/S16. And, we’ve gotta be honest; it’s been a while since we have been this inspired with what’s on the radar. Many trends are still running hot: overalls, classic stripes, lingerie as outerwear, lace, the wide leg, mixing of prints, 3-way color blocking…all “trends” we would, for the most part, consider classics. But then there is…Africa, hard metals, metallics, slips, sequins, strings, fishnet/netting, Spanish inspired ruffles, pleats, transparent, 70s inspired sportswear all were spotted up and down the runways. If you’re a child of the 80s and 90s you’re going to be psyched to see a revival of looks from these decades too. We’re also really loving, bare shoulders and backs, all the soft, girlie, pale pinks, flesh, and peachy notes. This is a breakdown. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at each of these looks individually. So don’t go too far and thank you, always, for reading. –SoS

P.S. We firmly believe style is about being true to yourself, not necessarily following every trend that comes and goes. But the trends or looks that resonate with you personally. You must feel like the most honest version of yourself to exude confidence. Because ultimate style is being confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Saint_Laurent-BackToBasics-5 Saint_Laurent-BackToBasics-3 Saint_Laurent-BackToBasics-1Saint Laurent S/S16. Images: WWD

“But trt the irreverent Hedi Slimane to go against the grain in a way other designers dare not to. For the Saint Laurent spring/summer ’16 show, he showcased a barrage of staples: leather jackets, fur coats, denim patchwork jackets, and flimsy metallic dresses, shorts, and jeans. It’s been a tactic he’s come to be known for ever since becoming the creative director at Saint Laurent. Though it has thrown off the critics has proved to rake in the sales for the fashion hoe.

Some pieces were conscioly ill-fitting so there was some nipple action here and there. The footwear of choice? Rain-ready knee high boots. The makeup was kept to a minimum, and the only accessory worth noting were plastic tiaras that all the models wore along with that “I-am-jt-too-cool-for-this” pout.

The collection may look like Hedi is being lazy, but that’s not the case. The dresses showed off his mastery of drapery, and the different coats and jackets showed off his penchant for rebellioness. The see-through lace pieces paired with a rugged army jacket reminded that he can mix different aesthetics effortlessly.

At a time when most designers like phing the envelope to see how far they can integrate haute couture with ready-to-wear, Hedi manages to achieve the hardest feat there may be. Becae unlike the other shows, the models really looked like they can jt walk off the runway and into real life.” -Olivia Estrada for Preen



new years eve fox

New Years Eve style. What comes to your mind? Sequins? Fur? Velvet? A badass jumpsuit? An extra foxy, smoky eye? A wine- stained lip? This is the night for no holding back. Whether you decide to keep it classic and simple or bold and crazy…here are a few looks we love. Happy 2016 bitches! –SoS



jessica_sequins JESSICA







casual_nyeSEQUINS + DENIM






new year, best you

It’s almost a new year. We’re ready to take on 2016 with an even bolder attitude. As we continue to be inspired by meaningful feedback and conversations regarding Sanction of Style; we look forward to another year of doing what inspires …helping women who are looking to find and be the best, most honest, version of themselves. And yes, of course, this includes personal style. It includes women who want to feel stylish and want getting dressed every day to be easy and fun and not the other way around. It includes women of all shapes and sizes, and it includes (as it should) all budgets. On the blog, we dare to inspire in a different way; to bring a unique perspective to what we love, find inspiring, and unique in the fashion world. With so many fashion blogs doing the same ol, same ol where everybody-looks-the-same. We hope to be a different style voice. This blog isn’t about us. It’s about you. It’s about being unique. Our hope is to encourage women to find their own sense of style -through inspiring and thoughtful guidance- and most importantly to be truthful to yourself in the process. Thank you for your subscriptions, for following along, for your emails, and your invaluable feedback. It is what keeps us going. –SoS




One New York portrait photographers project that took on a life of its own. Follow HONY on social media and join over fifteen million followers already captivated by Brandon Stanton’s photographs, stories, quotes and interviews of people living in New York City. Stanton’s first book Humans of New York is a New York Times Bestseller and his second book, released in October, Humans of New York: Stories has already made the list too. After a little research it’s heartwarming to learn more about Brandon’s story. A graduate of the University of Georgia and a former bond trader who found himself unemployed like so many Americans. He decided to pick up and move to New York City turning a very unique personal project into a organically grown and wildly popular blog. Through his success it’s nice to learn Brandon Stanton makes it a mission to help others. In 2013 Stanton made Time Magazine’s list of 30 people under 30 changing the world. And in 2014, Stanton was chosen by the UN to travel around the world on a goodwill mission trip to photograph people of Iraq, Ukraine and Mexico City. A truly unique and thoughtful gift for anyone on your Holiday gift list. –SoS

HONY-1 HONY-2 HONY-4 HONY-5 humans of new york HONY-7 HONY-8 HONY-9 HONY-10 HONY-11 HONY-12 HONY-13 HONY-14 HONY-15 HONY-16 HONY-17 HONY-22 HONY-23HONY-18HONY-19HONY-20HONY-21HONY-25HONY-26HONY-3All Images Brandon Stanton Humans of New York