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Have you noticed all of the pretty gold medallion necklaces popping up on the style scene? They remind me of a similar piece my grandmother wore daily when I was a little girl. Simple and timeless. I appreciate classic minimalistic when it comes to jewelry; but don’t hesitate to layer up if you don’t subscribe to the less is more philosophy. Wear yours with a t-shirt and jeans and just as easily all dressed up. Raid your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box first. If you don’t discover a piece you love, shop these picks. Pascale MonvoisinOrit Elhanati, Dubini, Brooke Gregson, Jennifer Meyer, Alighieri, Dominique Cohen, BareCloverpost, AlonaJacquie Aiche. –SoS


cool girl ear piercings

The anticipation of a new season got ya itching for a little something new? A small but thoughtful change? A stamp on making your own personal style statement? As women, and men, the answer is probably yes. Many women scratch the itch with a fresh hair cut, a new hair color, or lip color. A new tattoo or piercing even. Loving the super personalized ear. Single stud, upper ear cuff (no extra holes required), or go crazy with haphazard mixing/matching/threading on the lower lobe to completely and totally own it. From Catbird, SCOSHA, Theodora Warre, Ana Khouri, Satomi Kawakita, Sophie Buhai, Nora Kogan, Gorjana, Pamela Love.




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Save 25% on gold, diamonds and gems. Just because. Ariel Gordon Jewelry, EF Collection, Adina Reyter Pave Band Ring, Fayt Jewelry, Blanca Monros Gomez, Adina Reyter Pave Tusk Necklace, Pamela Love Arrowhead RingGabriela Artigas, Aurelie BidermannPamela Love Tribal Spike Earrings, Native Gem, Katie Diamond. Treat yourself. Love Yourself. Everyday –SoS

Pamela-Love-jewelryPamela Love Jewelry


Vanessa Jenik Jewelry

Vanessa Jenik is a natural beauty and she has a sense of style to match. We are sure this is why we have always loved her designs. Each VJ piece is designed and handmade by Vanessa using sterling silver, 14k yellow gold and rose gold. Complimenting these metals Vanessa works with precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds, wood and bone. We are excited to collaborate with Vanessa for a small capsule collection. Look for the collection on our SHOP page soon. In addition, if you live in the Raleigh Metro area barre3 Raleigh will carry pieces designed exclusively for the studio. Vanessa’s designs are beautiful, simple and are meant to be loved and worn everyday. Get to know the designer, whose career started in the costume department of the movie industry, in our interview below. Be sure to stay close for another Sanction of Style giveaway. It has been a while but this one is so worth the wait. –SoS


Vanessa Jenik


SoS: What inspires your designs?

VJ: I am mostly inspired by nature. I think my designs and the materials I e are reflected in this. Lots of bone, horn and natural elements that are incorporated into my jewelry.

SoS: What do you listen to while you work in your studio?

VJ: I’m a podcast junkie. The Moth, This American Life and Serial are a few of my favorites and I always have a book downloaded that I listen through audible.

SoS: Favorite designers?

VJ: LOVE Raquel Allegra, Current/Elliott, Rag & Bone. I tend to gravitate towards casual.

SoS: Must-have spring item for your closet?

VJ: Nili Lotan cropped military pant in camo…..and black…..and eggshell:)

SoS: How do you define happiness?

VJ: Happiness to me is getting to the point in your life where you learn to really appreciate it all. The good and the bad. It’s a lot easier said than done. I’m still working on this one.

SoS: A good read?

VJ: I just recently finished My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh and loved it. Hafrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum was another good one. Quite dark and very thought provoking.

SoS: Chunky or delicate jewelry? Why?

VJ: I am and will always be a delicate jewelry person. Most of the jewelry I design is on the delicate side. I jt find it timeless.

SoS: Describe your style?

VJ: My style is very casual. A pair of Current/Elliott jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of Officine Creative sandals and I’m good to go.

SoS: Favorite mineral or stone?

VJ: I would have to go with pyrite on this one. Nicknamed fools gold, it’s a unique protector that draws energy to create a shield against negative forces/energy. It helps to bring confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion. As an artist this is a bon!

SoS: Go to restaurant at the beach? Downtown?

VJ: Rx is our go to place downtown for dinner and I have to say, we love The Brasserie. Slightly addicted to their salads.

SoS: Favorite place to shop local?

VJ: Beanie & Cecil

SoS: Do you have a favorite online shop?

VJ: One of my all time favorite stores is Lost & Found in LA. They just so happen to have a great online shop too. LOST & FOUND: a collection of shops. Women. Men. Children. Home.

SoS: Where do you dream of traveling next? Favorite place you have been?

VJ: I always look forward to spending time on Tortola in the BVI where I have a lot of family. Having grown up on St. Thomas I love that I can give my son a little bit of that special experience. My dream vacation is Jaipur India. I hope to get there one day sooner than later.

SoS: What piece of Vanessa Jenik Jewelry should every girl own?

VJ: I would have to say the bone beaded bracelets with the pave diamond details. You can wear one or stack them to make more of a statement.

SoS: Something people might be surprised to know about you?

VJ: hmm….this is a hard one. Maybe that I learned to SCUBA dive when I was 5.

SoS: Your hubby is in the film industry. What makes a good film in your opinion? Do you and your husband have a weekly must-see show that you watch together?

VJ: It all starts with a good story (script) and is followed by good actors. There have been many bad actors that have ruined a good story. I sometimes find it hard to watch these movies with such big named actors because it can be hard to get past the persona of the actor and get into the story. Movie studios need to take more chances on lesser known actors and have the guts to finance originally scripted films. Lots of talent out there. We of course loved Breaking Bad and The Killing. Right now it’s all about The Walking Dead.

SoS: Favorite weekend activity with your family? When it’s jt you and your son?

VJ: Favorite weekend activity with the family would hands down be Sunday brunch. Either Dixie Grill or Pembroke’s. My husband does travel quite a bit and when he is out of town Kyle and I tend to go to a lots of movies!




loquet london

Heart, round, rose gold, yellow or white? These are the foundation options for creating your own luxury jewelry locket. Fill yours with charms and gems that have special or particular meaning to you. Choose a single stone or charm or fill it with many. There are charms that represent love, hope, peace, and faith. Luck and happiness. There are letters and numbers, birthstones and beyond. Loquet London is a collaboration between best friends Laura Bailey and Sheherazade Goldsmith. We love their modern concept on the classic locket. “It’s a way to keep secrets or tell stories,” We also love their story of how they got where they were going. “We talked and played with ideas, before working out a way to do it together playing to our different strengths as well as our shared vision.” Loquet London is available exclively on the label’s website. Dear Santa… –STYLE HAWK

loquetlondon_1Image Source: Loquet London


fringe favorites

Get on the bohemian slash western bandwagon with a little fringe detailing. Like this affordable suede foldover clutch or this black suede fringe jacket. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand can do no wrong, especially with this distressed fringe ankle boot. Work the 70’s trend effortlessly with this fringed suede shoulder bag from Antik Batik and what about this number from Kate Moss’s collection for Topshop…more easy to shop links below. Be cool. –STYLE HAWK


1. EACH x OTHER Leather Fringe Sweater (SALE) // 2. K/LLER COLLECTION Leather Fringe Necklace // 3. RACHEL COMEY Leather Fringe Ankle Boots // 4. PROENZA SCHOULER PS 1 Fringed Pouch // 5. 10 CROSBY DEREK LAM Geometric Paneled Fringed Leather Top // 6. PRADA Suede Fringe T-Strap Stiletto


the single statement earring

For all of you who dare to be different; who walk to the beat of your own drum; who enjoy phing the fashion envelope; there is an accessory trend on the horizon for you: The Single Statement Earring. And much to our delight we have already seen the look being translated from high fashion catwalks and fashion spreads to the street. This weekend, for example, more than jt one cool, it girl from the hip coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina or “Little Hollywood” was spotted wearing the single, shoulder-dter statement earring. As were several beach beauties in Wrightsville Beach, a quaint little surfer town jt over the bridge. Proving that it’s way more fun to lead the pack than to follow. –STYLE HAWK

single_statement_earring_1 single_statement _earring_2 single_statement_earring_4single_statement_earring_6 single_statement_earring_7 single_statement_earring_8Images Sources: Elin Kling/The Wall, French Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Style Inspo, Vogue


we love melvin

Inspirational, spiritual, cool, ctomizable, affordable. Melvin jewelry is all of this and more. It’s not always super easy to find pieces that are jt as versatile when worn with a string bikini for summer as they are with your favorite slouchy sweater for fall. It is the fun, free-spirited, natural vibe of Melvin that creates a collection that does exactly this. From their song tag necklaces and bracelets to their mt-have trio bracelet sets. It’s hard to chose. Melvin is designed by niece and auntie duo Morgan Walker and Martha Clifford; making Melvin even cooler in our book. Melvin will be available locally at barre3 Raleigh and will include best sellers as well as our personal favorites too. Layer, stack, mix, love. –STYLE HAWK



melvin5melvin9 melvin6melvin13melvin16


designer, Mignonne Gavigan

If you’ve ever had the chance to hang with designer, Mignonne Gavigan it’s a pleasure.  She is as cool as it gets.  Her smile, energy, creative spirit and style light up the room.  She’s the real deal.  Mignonne’s 10-year design career began as a student at Parsons Paris and Parsons New York.  Mignonne has worked and designed with some of the industries most well-known names including Marc Jacobs, Rachel Roy, Form, Khirma Eliazov and Loeffler Randall; where she worked as senior shoe designer.  When we think about Mignonne’s unique, effortless style it comes as no surprise that the idea for Mignonne Gavigan New York was born when she draped a ripped piece of fabric from an embellished vintage gown around her neck.  From this moment, combined with her industry experience, boundless creativity, business savvy and smarts she launched her signature line.  Many of her designs are inspired by her travels and the priceless experiences of being immersed in diverse cultures around the globe.  This is clearly represented throughout the collection…both in design and the materials she sources. Mignonne Gavigan, the designer, and her beautiful hand-beaded designs continue to be recognized by leaders in the fashion industry including Vogue, Elle, WWD, The New York Times, InStyle and Refinery29 to name a few.  Is it simply Mignonne’s totally insane hand-beaded scarf necklaces that we covet? Is it her creative mind and spirit; her one-of-a-kind, effortless style?  It’s all of it!  Along with a list of traits including being totally true-to-self, cool, unpretentious, kind and beautiful.  Shop the collection here. –SoS 



SoS: Describe Your Style?

MG: My style, hmm…I love a strong color, an edgy design and a playful attitude while accentuating the natural curves of my body.  I’m always interested in something I haven’t seen before or hangs funny on the hanger…curiosity takes the better of me and I have to find out more.

SoS: What’s In Your Closet?

MG: What’s in my closet? the full range, Peter Pilotto, Givenchy, Loeffler Randall, flea market finds and Mystique Boutique (you know the stores on Broadway with the mannequins and the enormous chest?  Yea, those stores sometimes have the best finds!!).

SoS: I Could Not Live Without?

MG: My main man, Gray Smith.  To find a husband who genuinely encourages and supports me the way he does only propels me to be the best version of myself.

SoS: What Inspires You?

MG: Everything and anything…the city I live in, the people around me, the cracks in the subway tiles, the texture of my pillows, the way my bathroom tiles are laid out, the thread work in vintage finds, the beading in my mother-in-law’s turn of the century beaded purses, the sunset, the reflection in the taxi cab window, the design of the skyscraper going up in place of the twin towers just down my street.

SoS: Top Ten Songs On Your Playlist?

MG: I’m terrible at this…After taking a long road trip with one of my best friends in college, she told me she had never met someone who could sing every word in any song and have no idea who sings it or what the name of the song was.

SoS: Favorite Beauty Products?

MG: If you look in my makeup bag it’s NARS everything and some blue Dior mascara.  Every color of NARS eyeshadow…and I like to wear a different color everyday….

SoS: Essentials For Spring/Summer?

MG: Some Givenchy slip on sneakers, cut offs, a good worn out white t-shirt and a Mignonne Gavigan necklace.

SoS: Closet You Would Like To Raid? 

MG: Taylor Tomasi Hill

SoS:Favorite Thing About Living In NYC?

MG: The energy you get from feeding off other people eager to be the best version of themselves.

SoS: Mantra?

MG: If it’s hard, it’s worth doing, being persistent at and accomplishing.

SoS: Favorite Aspect About Being A Designer?

MG: Ever since middle school I can remember always wanting to tweak the clothes in my closet by repinning them somehow; cutting them up and resewing them a different way.  At events, I used to wear formal evening gowns backwards because I preferred the lines better.  If I didn’t like the way a skirt looked on me I would safety pin it so that the drape was more flattering.  My first design job in New York was for a high end fashion collective where I submitted illustrations to the creative director.  I then walked the sample maker through the sketch and it’s dimensions and then helped him sew up the final product days before the runway show.  Taking a design from an exploration of lines to an actual physical product has to be my favorite aspect about being a designer…to see your creations come to life.

SoS: Favorite Travel Destination? Place You Have Never Been And Would Like To Visit? Why?

MG: Oh wow, this is a tough one.  Africa or Istanbul.  We just went to South Africa this past January and driving to the southern point of Africa, seeing the terrain and massive cliffs to the Kruger National Park where we saw extraordinary animals in their natural habitat up close and personal.  And in Istanbul, the range of visual stimulus was overwhelmingly delicious.  I am really excited to go to Morocco at some point…the color draws me there.  Greece.  We have a wedding in Greece in September and I plan to do some serious exploring.  Budapest.  Bangladesh.  I have a curious spirit and am drawn to different cultures and what I can learn from them.  Through my many design positions, I have been able to travel extensively and I am extremely grateful for that.  I have been able to open my mind to new things because of this and hope to continue exploring the world in the future.  It feeds my creativity.

SoS: What Makes You Laugh Really Hard? 

MG: My brother Ryan.  My parent’s cat, Pudgy…she’s so round and has the shortest legs but she’s all love.  My husband’s best friend from home, Kenny.




Stripes Coral Mignonne Gavigan




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