best accessory from Rio 2016

Rio 2016 has provided top quality AM to PM television over the last eleven days. Are you watching? What can the games teach ? How can they be tied to fashion and style? Well, of course, there is the obvio. Gisele on the world stage during opening ceremony; making magic in the long dress with golden sequins designed by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. Then there are the athletes uniforms. On the track, on the mat, in the pool. Athletes putting their individual style spin accessorizing with personal jewels, wild hair colors, temporary and permanent tattoos, sneakers, headphones, and more. So what’s the biggest takeaway accessory from Rio? It has to be a smile. Pure joy. Pure happiness. Pure pride. The gracio, humble, genuine smiles of hard work and dedication paying off. A fantastic reminder that a smile is always your best accessory. Go Team USA. Red, White and Blue forever.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 13: on the Citi Terrace of the USA Hoe at Colegio Sao Paulo on Augt 5, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)Rio2016-08-15T145418Z_01_OLYN3032_RTRIDSP_3_OLYMPICS-RIO-ATHLETICS-W-STEEPLECHASE

riokatie RioSimone and aly Rio_Olympics_Beach_Volleyball_Women.JPEG-b088e_c0-158-3648-2284_s885x516 rio16franklin rio16phelps rioquigley




Lets be honest. It’s not super natural to think about a high neck and long sleeves in the midst of a summer heat wave. But it is hard to beat a classic turtleneck; when the earth’s axis begins to tilt away from the sun hering in a new season with lower temps and crisp, cool air. Here’s a tip to take you there. Extend the wear of your favorite dresses by popping a turtleneck underneath. You’ll be right on target becae creative layering is key this fall. Add a leather biker jacket, a long trench coat, blazer, or extra long knit cardigan when you need additional warmth. Play around here; your instinct will tell you when it’s jt right. Veronika Heilbrunner has the look dialed in to a T. Try this one or this one with thisthis or this.


T9 T10 T11 T12 T13 T14 T16

T1-thestyleograph T2 T4 T5T17 T18T8Image Sources: A Love Is Blind, Collage Vintage, Gastro Chic, The Fashion Medley, Tommy Ton, Vanessa Jackman, Vogue


Andy Schmidt: Designer + Dyer

Sometimes it’s a person’s magnetic personality or their inspiring story that makes what they are creating that much more meaningful to the customer. Case in point for Andy Schmidt. Immediately you fall in love with Andy’s welcoming, warm, kind, spirit. Her designs under her textile and clothing label Rise & Ramble seem to inhale and exhale this same magic too. Each impeccably made design is made extraordinary by the process of natural, artisanal dyeing. Each piece is a beautiful, comfortable, wearable piece of art for everyday. Be sure to check out Andy’s evolving line of tops, tunics and dresses. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them through all four seasons. You’re bound to turn a head or two, and spark up a conversation when wearing one of her pieces. Andy’s love of life comes through in every one of her thoughtful designs. Check out the interview below. Fun fact: turns out we both studied studio art and fashion design at the same all-girls college, missing one another by a decade or so. Would definitely say it was in the cards for our paths to cross. Follow Rise & Ramble’s inspiring Instagram feed. Bonus: you’ll be in the know when new, one-of-a-kind, designs are available to purchase.

Rise&Ramble_AndyImage: Anna Carson DeWitt Photography


SoS: Quote/Mantra You Would Like To “Steal” As Your Own?

RR: “A wink and a smile and the land is ours.” I’m not even exactly sure where that came from precisely. I believe I saw it in an editorial piece with Natalia Vodianova. I’ve had and still do have a major girl crush on her. And then I saw that quote and thought that’s perfect. To me it means be kind, be positive, and the world is yours. And I’ve always been a charmer and people pleaser so that could have something to do with it too.

SoS: What Inspires You?

RR: Nature. Family, I have the most supportive family and for that I’m grateful. Sleep, I’m useless without it. COLOR. Positivity. Vacations and traveling. The last inspiring vacation I took was Marfa, TX. I dream of going back all the time.

SoS: Rise & Ramble In 5 Words Or Less.

RR: Thoughtful. Effortless. Intimate. Natural. Seasonless. OR “Born to Dye” haha.

SoS: Describe A Typical Dye Session.

RR: A typical dye session can take a few days. I usually spend a couple days just sewing, and then treat myself to a couple days of dyeing. If I have to mordant the fabric I try to do that as soon as I’m done sewing because I usually let it rest in the mordant bath at least for an overnight. If I’m using dyestuff I foraged myself I will gather it all in a pot with water and simmer for an hour or so and then let rest overnight or a few nights. Once I strain it, it’s time to dye. Depending on the desired color and the dye I’m working with determines how long it sits in the bath or how many dips it gets. I use a lot of different methods for my work depending on the look I’m trying to achieve. Some I find more fun than others. My favorite part throughout them all is finally seeing the results though. Sometimes it’s the accidents that make the most beautiful things. Wabi Sabi stands for beauty in imperfection. Another mantra.

SoS: What Flower, Plant, Fruit Or Vegetable Produces Your Favorite Color?

RR: There’s so many, that is a hard one. I’ve always been in awe of avocados. Not only because I love eating them, but then I get to use the skins and seeds to make the most beautiful soft pink color. It blows everyones mind. And mine every time.

SoS: Are You Currently Working With A Favorite Fabric? What Makes It Special?

RR: Raw silk. I’m in love with it. It takes color amazing like a silk, but feels more like a cotton. It is super soft with this nubby texture. It sews well and gets softer with every wash and dry. It even rips on the grain which is the most satisfying thing to me. Raw silk even has its own smell. I know, it’s weird. It also has the most beautiful drape. Not one bad thing to say about it.

SoS: Designers You Admire?

RR: Rodarte. If you haven’t read their interview on how they started, go do it now. It’s pretty awesome. I love their styling, colors, even the inspiration behind every collection. To me, it’s whimsical, but still wearable. Like a dream. I really love Ace & Jig right now. Their layering and pattern mixing is on point. One of everything please. Ryan Roche has been killing it lately too. She’s also a fan of that avocado pink. I love designers that are romantic even though that might not be my personal style. I think I just simply fall in love. I’m a fan of almost everything Chloe and Valentino do.

SoS: Do You Have A Pet Peeve?

RR: I really, really don’t like the sound of styrofoam. It makes me cringe. I also love peaceful mornings, so anything that interrupts that.

SoS: Favorite Book Of All Time? And Reading Now?

RR: All time, that’s a hard one. A favorite is Jitterbug Perfume. Just Kids has a special place in my heart. I have a problem where I don’t finish books I love. Like I don’t want them to end. I never finished Just Kids, I didn’t want to be heartbroken. I still reread it and stop at the same place. I love Glass Heroes. I’m also a fan of the Harry Potter series. I like books that make you feel something. Or take you to a different place. Right now, I’m reading Still Life with Woodpecker, another one by Tom Robbins.

SoS: Music That Feeds Your Soul…Whatcha Listening To?

RR: A little bit of everything. My top Pandora stations are Eagles and Rihanna. I usually listen to old Country or Motown in the AM. I love Outlaw Country, ya know Willie, Waylon, and the boys. Pop usually keeps me going through the day. At night it’s the 70s, think Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks. I’m a Sturgill Simpson fan and Solange. I’m all over the map.

SoS: What Does ‘Slow Fashion’ Mean To You? Why Is It Important?

RR: To me slow fashion is buying fewer pieces that are made well, that you connect with, and that you will love forever. They become a part of you. I like things with a story. I love supporting independent artists and designers because I know their struggle and the courage it takes to put yourself out there and try to be successful at something you are passionate about. Slow fashion is not buying into cheaply made, throw away pieces, but supporting a sustainable and ethical movement. It’s about being aware of your surroundings and what is happening in our world, slowing down, knowing how and by whom something was made.

SoS: All Of Your Designs Are So Beautiful And Unique In Their Own Way. Is It Hard To Let Go Of Certain Pieces?

RR: Thank you! It is hard. But I’ve found that parting with them makes me create more and move forward. I read something once that said don’t hold on to your ideas, share them. Letting them go forces you to be open to new ideas.

SoS: In My Downtime, I Enjoy…

RR: Spending time with my family. Going to the beach or the mountains, we’ve got the best of both worlds here in NC. Farmers Market trips and flea/vintage shopping. Sitting outside listening to the birds, or frogs. Living that country life.

SoS: What Would You Say About A Collaboration?

RR: I love collaborations! My most recent was with Created Beautifully. Jenn and her husband make gorgeous, well made accessories and jewelry out of Charlotte, NC. I dyed the cotton and she turned the yardage into the most amazing handbags. It was magic!

SoS: Surprised To Know…

RR: My mom loved sci-fi books. My middle name Leah was inspired by Star Wars’ Princess Leia. I didn’t watch any of the Star Wars movies until I was 22.


Rise&Ramble_2 Rise&Ramble_1Rise&Ramble_13 Rise&Ramble_4 Rise&Ramble_5 Rise&Ramble_8 Rise&Ramble_7 Rise&Ramble.12 Rise&Ramble_11Rise&Ramble_14 Rise&Ramble_15Rise&Ramble_10BundleDyeing (1)Images: Rise & Ramble



Remember Tracy Feith? The hottie is back on the designer scene with a collaboration collection called Warm. The label’s creative director, Winnie Beattie, a veteran in the industry (she was one of Feith’s original employees and fans) is also shop owner of Warm located in NYC’s Nolita neighborhood. Throughout the collection the love of surf and skate culture shines effortlessly. “We jokingly wanted to call the line Betty,” says Beattie, “because for me that’s the ultimate compliment.” Urban Dictionary defines Surf Betty as: 1). A hot chick. One that is attractive, stylish and self-confident. A Betty is typically a looker. 2.) A young, good-looking woman made popular by the skate and surf crowd. Barneys picked up the line for S/S16. We’re especially fond of the Schoolhouse Rock Shirtdress, Koolaid Dress, Mission Peasant Dress, Denim Kate Jumper, Boxy Wanderer Romper, and the Volie Marchie Dress. Pre-order now. Styles and sizes are selling quickly. If you’re in North Carolina Beanie + Cecil and Capitol who always have their finger on the pulse will carry the cool-girl collection too. Feith on the girl that wears Warm: “she’s natural, earthy, and a little bit imperfect.” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! –SoS

Warm RTW Spring 2016 Warm RTW Spring 2016 warm-s16-13Images: Todd Hido

“Over 18 years in the biness — which have included stints working for indtry heavyweights Tracy Feith and Cynthia Rowley — she’s managed to achieve success while maintaining her beachy spirit (the antithesis of the kiss-kiss, scan-the-room-for-someone-more-important fashion cliche). Beattie smiles often and is refreshingly sunny. In a word, warm. “To me, there’s no greater compliment than to say ‘he or she is such a warm person,'” Beattie says. “That’s the kind of person I try to surround myself with.”

“I keep going back to the girls in Paris and how their style is so effortless – I call them dirty french girls and I mean that in the most complimentary way. That’s my dream girl.” -Winnie Beattie as told to Amy Gallo Ryan for Furthermore May 24, 2012


stripes forever

Stripes embody classic style at its best. Vertical or horizontal, masculine and feminine, thin or wide, city to shore. Of course, it’s all in the way you decide to wear them. Stripes with stripes, stripes with solids, stripes with prints, stripes for summer and stripes for winter. Here are some favorites. Vince, Rachel Comey, Sea, Tibi, Isabel Marant Étoile,  A.L.C., Theory, T by Alexander Wang, TrademarkSensi Studio, Jil Sander, &Daughter, Orcival, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Velvet, Solid and Striped, Hammamas. Band together with stripes.  –SoS

stripes1_stylehawk stripes2_stylehawk stripes3_stylehawk stripes4_stylehawk Amanda Brooks at Rodarte stripes6_stylehawk stripes7_stylehawk stripes8_stylehawk New York Fashionweek ss2014, day 5Image Sources: Elle, Collage Vintage, Gastro Chic, Harper’s Bazaar, Models Jam


the anti-photoshop revolution

Infatuated by this video short of Kate Moss for Vogue Italia! The 1:59 film by Peter Lindbergh is raw, natural, seductive. But what makes us love these images more than anything is that they are real, truthful. There is little to no digital enhancement or altering of the images. And, of course, the icon looks phenomenal with minimal makeup and hair… ciggy and all. How empowering to know that an industry that has historically photoshopped many a cover models face and body to often unrealistic extremes is, perhaps, starting to take notice of what real beauty is. Loving your imperfections and flaws, knowing that they make you who you are. Growing older gracefully, being true to who you are. –SoS


Rachel Comey

Ummm, Rachel Comey has got it going on for Resort and Spring/Summer 15. We’re sweating over it all. Everything she’s doing is on point. Especially Resort 15. From tailored yet non constricting dresses that combine these two elements to well-balanced perfection to cropped sweaters and pleated tapered denim. The range is undeniably smart and cool. The tapered pants, in particular, take  down high-school memory lane with some of the best of the best 90’s styles. Translated, of course, in to current cuts and shapes for today. Check out the range below. Click and Shop your mt-haves here. There is something for every girl. Whether your wardrobe requires something fresh for the office or off-duty dinner and drinks with your girls. We know you’ll find something you cannot live without. Rachel Comey’s designs spew over to shoes, swimwear, and accessories too. All proudly made in NYC. P.S. the sneak peeks of pre-fall 15 look f’ing incredible too. –STYLE HAWK

 Resort 15

Rachel Comey PS 2015 LookbookCropped Pullover $276 and Jot Pant $345 – Made in NYC

Rachel Comey PS 2015 LookbookFinch Shirt $288 & Wayward Pant $391 (also available in black) Made in NYC 

Rachel-Comey-Resort-2015-2Sereno Dress $483 – Made in NYC

Rachel Comey PS 2015 LookbookMiramar Dress $656 – Made in NYC

Rachel Comey PS 2015 LookbookVilla Dress $598 – Made in NYC

Spring/Summer 15

Rachel_Comey_Spring-Summer15_1Spring/Summer 15 Look #26

Rachel-Comey-Spring-Summer-2015-4Spring/Summer 15 Look #07

Rachel_Comey_Spring_2015_5Spring/Summer Look #13

Rachel_Comey_SpringSummer15-2Spring/Summer Look #19

Rachel_Comey_SpringSummer15-3Spring/Summer Look #27


Cool Kids Clothes

It’s true. We get just as excited about shopping for our kiddos as we do about shopping for ourselves. Who can resist stylish threads in pint size proportions? We’re not unlike lots of other moms that are obsessed with good style and great attention to detail. That’s why we love Minou Kids. A one-stop, online destination for the best styles and accessories for kids. Moms, friends, style makers, and owners, Marie-Michelle and Julie, are right in line with our mission and love of fashion, adventure and entrepreneurship. For our kiddos; it’s a balance of sweet, smart, well-constructed, comfortable, unique and age appropriate style; encouraging and letting them have an opinion along the way. Even though we wish we could bottle our children up and keep them little forever and ever, we believe fashion is one of many creative outlets that can have a large impact on their self expression and self esteem. We had some questions for Mimi and Julie about launching their fantastic online boutique. Read the full interview below. –SoS

Minou_Kids“At Minou Kids we’re on a mission: To make finding the very best in kids clothing and accessories effortless (and incredibly fun) for you. We hand-pick our favorite styles from top designers, and search high and low to find small, undiscovered, and up-and-coming boutique brands–so you don’t have to!” Photo: Kimberly M. Wang/Eardog Productions


SoS: How Did You Decide To Take The Leap To Launch Minou Kids?

MK: A few elements led to launch Minou Kids:
We wanted an online one-stop shop for the best emerging brands in kids’ clothing and we were not completely satisfied with the choices available so we thought “let’s do it!” Let’s create a place that “extraordinary women” know they can trust for the latest styles from the greatest designers that people haven’t always heard of.
You might have to travel to 10 boutiques in 5 cities in 2-3 countries to find all of these brands and styles. Who has the time or the luxury for this? We wanted to make that experience possible with the click of a mouse. It’s a work in progress. We work with this vision.
The extraordinary woman is what we call our customer. It’s you guys, working moms who never have enough hours in a day but still manage to get it done. (Or most of it done!)
We are also passionate about great customer experience. We wanted to create the level of service we wanted to experience ourselves… a sort of golden rule of customer service, serve others as we wished to be served ourselves. We also wanted to make shopping for your kids seamless and incredibly fun for you. Hopefully you like the site!

SoS: Favorite Children’s Brands?

MK: All the brands that you can find on our site of course! Some that are more established: Mini Rodini, Munster Kids, Emile et Ida, and some that are up and coming: Electrik Kidz, Beau Loves, Nui organics and Salt City Emporium.
Minou Kids is fueled by the individual stories and mission of the designers and small companies that are featured on the site.  We love each anecdote of their inspirations, their families, and their dedication to high quality.

SoS: Newest & Greatest Line For Kids?

MK: For clothing: They are so many great ones, this market is flourishing right now, but if we have to name a few we would say: Munster Kids (not so new, but definitely one of the greatest brand for kids), Beau Loves, Salt City Emporium and Anais and I (coming to Minou Kids next spring.)

For room & decor: Rebecca Kiff (bedding) and Naaya by Moonlight (quilts and baby blankets)

SoS: Criteria For Merchandise On Your Shop?

MK: We always love telling a good story! We look for good designs and prints, and soft fabrics. The clothes must also be playful, wearable and of course stylish.

It’s all about the kids, so it has to be easy and cozy. Just like adults, kids will reach for the clothes they really love. The others get marooned in the closet. We want to have those clothes the kids will request. The trick is to find those pieces that both kids and parents reach for!

We’re not afraid to experiment a little and take some risks. That’s fashion.

SoS: Must-haves For Your Kids This Season?

Marie-Michelle: Julie oversees the buy so she knows best. I would add the colorful K-Way jackets they are great for kids. They have a fun urban look and are a great alternative to the Patagonia and North Face brands. They are practical items. We carry their rainwear and puffy down collection.

Julie: Girls: Sweater dress (ex: tame fleece dress ‘Munster kids’, Frill sweater dress ‘Indikidual’)
Boys: cozy but still fashionable pants  (ex: Jack trackie pants ‘Munster Kids, sport trouser ‘Go Gently Baby’ ). Fun hoodie (ex: Fangs zip Hoodie ‘Munster Kids’, Spiked superhero hoodie ‘Beau Loves’)

SoS: Has Your Style Changed Since Becoming Moms?

 Marie-Michelle: No, except that I have less tolerance for tight clothes…but I still love dressing up and wearing heels.

Julie: Not really, at least it’s what we like to think.

SoS: Do You Have A Go-To Uniform?

 Marie-Michelle: I’m active so it has to be comfortable: Jeans, a shirt with rolled up sleeve and booties. During fall – winter I love leather jackets and coats.

Julie: Jeans, t-shirt and cute booties (and big cardigan in the fall winter)

SoS: What’s Your Approach To Dressing Your Kiddos?

Marie-Michelle: I love when he looks cute but I also want him to be cozy and like his own clothes. My son wears all the brands that we sell and loves his clothes. He usually wears track pants or harem pants, a tee and a sweater or a hoodie. He likes baseball caps and hats.

Julie: Same as our motto: it must be easy/cozy, fun and still fashionable.

SoS: Best Birthday Present For Kids?

MK: Animal masks, tattoos, hooded blankets by Salt City Emporium. Cute, fuzzy and funny friends from Brooklyn based Hazel Village, a good sweater or hoodie.

SoS: Motto?

Marie-Michelle: Be extraordinary.
Julie: You should be able to undertake and complete anything.

SoS: Items You Think Are Especially Hard To Find For Kids?

Marie-Michelle: Good bedding and we are working on building this category.

Julie: Boys : cozy and still fashionable pants that are not jeans or basic sweatpants. Boys and girls : outerwear and winter accessories…another category we want to build.

SoS: Where Do You Find Inspiration?

MK: Through our travels, Magazines & blogs (we are magazine & blog junkies), business leaders we admire (Angela Ahrendts), extraordinary women, our husbands and best friends.

SoS: How Do You Compliment One Another In Your Business?

Marie-Michelle: Julie loves the buy and operation side of the business and I like the marketing, customer service and web management. We respect each other’s area and trust each other.

If you ask Julie she will say: “Julie is the doer and Mimi is the talker, the perfect combination!”

SoS: What Makes You Laugh?

Marie-Michelle: Oh gosh we laugh all the time. We don’t take ourselves seriously and having fun is the primary objective at Minou Kids.

Julie: Mimi.

SoS: Some Of Your Favorite Things?

Marie-Michelle: Time with my family and friends, fashion & shopping, travelling, entrepreneurship, entertaining, tennis & snowboarding.

Julie: …she said it! We told you she was the talker!!!

SoS: Most Coveted Item In Your Closet?

Marie-Michelle: High waist, knee length pencil leather skirt.

Julie: My new pair of Rachel Zoe booties!!!!

SoS: What Do You Love Most About Being A Mom?

Marie-Michelle: Loving him, teaching him, discovering with him. I also like that they ground you and make you better because life isn’t just about you anymore.

Julie: Watch my kids grow (too fast), developing their own personality. I learn from them as much as they do from me! The best life experience ever!!!

SoS: Do You Have A Favorite Book On Parenting?

Marie-Michelle: Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman. Having been raised in Québec City and Montreal, this reflects how we were brought up and we raise our kids the same. It’s the natural way.

Julie: Follow Your Instinct by Julie Harvey.


Minou_Kids_1 Minou_Kids_2 Minou_Kids_3 Minou_Kids_5 Minou_Kids_6Photography: Shem Roose


sheerly so…

The catwalks were jamming with all things sheer and exposed. Of course, we have always fancied exposing your pretty undergarments and perfect boobies too. Wear the look now and you’ll also be right on target for spring. Typically, leaving a little something to the imagination is always more mysterio and sexy in our mind. But this look is too pretty not to mention. Beautiful, see-through lace and sheer solids on top or bottom. Runway to real life picks below. I see London, I see France… –STYLE HAWK

sheerly_so_style_hawk1. Schumacher Sheer Desire Shirt // 2. Honeydew Lace Bralette // 3. Commando High-rise Stretch Briefs // 4. Erdem S/S15 // 5. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Sheer Dress



Normcore. You’ve heard the term, right? The term theoretically envelops our entire styling approach and aesthetic. It’s the non-trend trend. Lots of black, white and grey. We have all witnessed this unifying movement in the fashion indtry from Birkenstocks, luxe activewear, sneakers swapped out for heels and so on. Normcore is under the radar. Unpretentio, timeless, comfortable, cool. Standout by blending in. –STYLE HAWK

normcore1 normcorenormcore17 1408101000_1_1_1_web

normcore2normcore18 normcore11normcore12normcore13normcore14normcore14normcore15 blazer_1normcore21 normcore16normcore20nike-and-neutrals-milannike-chunky-sweaterImage Sources: Garance Doré, Harper’s Bazaar, StyleCaster, Style Du Monde, The Wall / Elin Kling, VOGUE