Nestled in the space previoly occupied by artsource in five points is barre3.  Think ballet barre combined with pilates and yoga…it’s a total-body workout.  We are pumped for the opening of this state-of-the-art studio.  barre3 touts design features including cork floors that are not only beautiful to look at but are eco-friendly and hygienic to boot.  Much like bamboo, cork is an easily renewable material that provides a much cleaner, healthier surface that doesn’t harbor pesky germs from hands and feet. Now that you have the brains behind the material…it’s also cool to know that the surface also gives a ch platform that helps absorb shock vibrations. Mic??? oh yeah!!! You’ve heard of The Beatles LOVE show in Vegas haven’t you?  The guy who’s behind this world class show is responsible for the studio’s sound design.  Did we mention they offer childcare?  oh, and we almost forgot, STYLE HAWK is super psyched to be partnering with Tori Fox and barre3 raleigh as the studio’s exclive retail buying partner.  The studio will carry lines from Alternative Apparel, bkr, Rese, Solow, Tatine Candles, Tonic and Wilt to name a few.  Stayed tuned for our q&a with owner Tori Fox and discover what really makes barre3 better, different, smarter.  Come mid-May you’ll find here…barre3 509 West Whitaker Mill Road.  Tighten that ass girls!  Want to win a bkr bottle to carry to class?  Like barre3 raleigh and share this post on Facebook for your chance to WIN.  peace be with you.  Namaste. –STYLE HAWK








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Bkr_5Image Sources: barre3, beauty editor, coolspotters, popsugar