Meet Fox. A denim lover, designer, and customizer based in sunny LA. FOXHOLE teamed up with GRLFRND denim and Barneys New York this summer for a custom embroidery event to benefit HOLA. (Heart of Los Angeles is a non-profit that provides underserved youth with exceptional programs in academics, arts and athletics.) Don’t live in LA? You don’t have to live on the West Coast to take advantage of Fox’s denim services. I just dropped a pair of jeans in the mail for some overdue mending and a surprise custom embroidery. Check out our interview below and follow Fox and Jeff @thefoxhole on Instagram and breathe new life in to any piece of denim in your closet. Embroidery is hot on the fashion scene; think creatively and request a custom design that’s totally unique to you. –SoS

fox•hole: (noun) 1. the den or burrow of a fox. 2. a hole in the ground used by troops as a shelter against enemy fire or as a firing point.


SoS: How Was The Foxhole Born?

Fox: I met my husband 6 years ago at the Echo in Los Angeles and it all started then. My name is Fox and he is a US Army Veteran so FOXHOLE just clicked. I have been designing denim for over 10 years and he had a knack for collecting interesting objects such as patches, pins, hats and teeshirts. We put our powers together and formed FOXHOLE. We started as a popup swapmeet in our back parking lot and doing festivals and flea markets like the rose bowl and FYF Fest in Los Angeles. Once we found our location in Silverlake it just took off from there. We tailor, customize and repair denim as well as make household items and art out of recycled denim. We sell vintage sports tees, Harley Davidson garb and just cool old rad shit we like as well as vintage denim, duh.

SoS: Three Words That Describe FOXHOLE?

Fox: Nothing like it.

SoS: Best Part Of Your Work Day?

Fox: Making people feel good. Our slogan is #whenyoulookgoodwefeelgreat

SoS: Do You Have A Mantra? Or A Favorite Quote?

Fox: “Fashions fades, style is forever.” – Yves Saint Laurent

SoS: Favorite Tool?

Fox: Our hands.

SoS: How Important Is Denim In The Fashion World?

Fox: The most important. Everyone wears denim. If you meet a person who doesn’t like denim, send them our way 😉

SoS: Describe Your Style?

Fox: My Style.

SoS: Style Icon?

Jeff Garza my husband, partner in crime, best friend.

SoS: Do You Have A Favorite Denim Story?

Fox: Each denim story is special to me, that is my favorite part of my job hearing all the different stories and why each denim piece is special to them.

SoS: What Inspires You?

Fox: Learning.

SoS: What Song Best Sums Up Your Life?

Fox: Ahh not a possible answer.

SoS: Define Cool?

Fox: No one definition of cool, You know when you are cool and that’s all that matters.

SoS: I Would Like To Tell [BLANK] To Fuck Off!

Fox: This list would be too long…