Looking forward to helping host a local event organized by the savvy business duo behind Brandshop. Hillary and Laura have officially launched Brandshop MINISHOPS; one-day only events that highlight emerging fashion brands. [FACT: Brandshop was recently featured on WWD.com.] The Raleigh event will spotlight two beautiful brands. Novis and fine jewelry brand (and 14 year industry veteran) BARE Collection. A portion of sales from the shopping event will benefit Wake County Boys & Girls Clubs. Fashion Giving Back. Y-E-S. And it’s always inspiring and informative to have a glimpse inside a designer’s life. Right?! Jeet’s designs encompass Indian, Filipino, Spanish, and American heritage; creating jewelry that is intricate, beautiful, eye-catching, simple and striking. Don’t miss the interview with mom and designer below. Jeet’s designs have been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, and worn by Hollywood darlings Liv Tyer, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Emmy Rossum, and Beyonce. The constellation pendantnesting collar, and cuff are personal favorites. Next up: Novis. –SoS

Designer Jeet Sohal @bare_collection. Image: S. Marengo @stacimarengo


SoS: When did you discover your love for designing jewelry?

I’m still discovering my love for designing jewelry! Thus far, we are locked in what will hopefully be one of my great love stories.

SoS: Describe a BARE Collection girl…

Bare is an acronym for Beautiful Authentic Refined and Enigmatic, all words describing the Bare collection girl. She is living life on her terms, with her own personal style.

SoS: Describe your style…

A good friend described my style as bohemian business casual. At first, I couldn’t quite understand what she meant since I described my style as feminine tomboy but she hit the nail on the head. I look for structured fabrics, great tailoring, and pieces with whimsy to mix and match. With three young boys (3, 5, 7), clothing must handle wear well. Slacks in a pin stripe or subtle pattern are great because they mask any kid fingerprints. I have a lot more flexibility with blouses since the kids are older so I can do a more delicate top. Another go to is an Indian skirt with a simple linen t-shirt and a blazer or tailored jacket to elevate the combination. It’s my version of jeans and a t-shirt. The jewelry is pretty simple, stud earrings, my constellation pendants, a stack of rings and when I need a power piece for some extra polish, a Bare bones cuff in bronze. Shoes are always vans or a mid-heel pump. I’m always looking for cute 2-2.5 inch stiletto or stacked heels! Anything taller and I can’t wear them all day, anything shorter is just destabilizing for me when I walk.

SoS: One piece in your closet you cannot live without?

One piece is difficult! I can narrow it down to three. A great day dress is essential. I love something in silk with a midi hemline and anywhere from a cap sleeve to a long sleeve. It’s an easy silhouette that is forgiving on the body and can be dressed down with a jean jacket and vans or dressed up with heels and a chic jacket. My other go to is tailored straight or wide leg slacks with a silk t-shirt. Again, this works well with vans or oxfords for a more casual look or heels and a blazer for something a bit dressy. I rely on my wardrobe to get me from 8AM to 8PM with school dropoff, meetings, dinners out and I hate changing. Since we are a shoes-off household, changing shoes depending on the time of day is easy, but changing clothing is tough. Because I have a minimal approach to hair and makeup, my wardrobe and accessories really need to work hard to give me some polish!

SoS: Do you have a mantra or favorite quote?

“Life is what happens when you are making other plans.”

SoS: What’s your favorite thing about living and working in LA?

The community, personal and professional. It’s a great mix of people from a million different backgrounds.

SoS: Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

My mom used to do a very verbose version of “You do you.” I’ve interpreted it as I can only do my best version of me and I need to be happy with that.

SoS: How do you juggle motherhood and work?

It’s an impossible juggling act. I do my best, I accept help when it’s available and I’ve learned to be OK with saying no.

SoS: Do you have a favorite piece from your collection?

I love that Bare girls build a Bare jewelry wardrobe, full of pieces that give them sense memory of why they purchased or received a Bare piece. I experience sense memory related to the creation of a piece! Right now I’m obsessed with the constellation collection because they marry my love of the night sky, myself, my husband, and my kids. In many ways, the constellation collection is both sentimental and universal, personal yet private and I love those dualities.

SoS: Favorite place you have ever traveled?

I love every place I’m fortunate to travel to. A few places I would like to visit again include the Atacama desert in Chile, the Himalayas in India, New Zealand, Buenos Aires, and Boracay Island in the Philippines.

SoS: Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! My sister, an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, once told me that the most important thing about her skill set is her ability to really listen. I had thought it would overlap with mine, seeing. I’m always drawing inspiration from the world around me, be it an illustration in a book, the way a leaf falls from a tree, the rivets in an old steam engine, the way someone fidgets with their jewelry. How the inspiration translates into jewelry at the bench is still a bit of a mystery, but I’m happy that it works!

SoS: What do you enjoy in your spare time?

Organizing my closet, pantry, house, office. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s really indulgent! Curling up with a book or cookbook and giant pot of earl grey tea is magical, but the magic ends when I’m tired the next day because I didn’t sleep until I finished my book! When I’m up all night organizing, the magic lasts weeks and works even when I’m tired. Since I’m always in motion, things get messy. Putting things back in order reminds me of my more organized younger self and makes every day after that much more enjoyable…until it’s messy again.